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Notice 17 Sep 2012

Market Truths is on an indefinite hiatus while its owners, Mary Ellen Gordon and David Rowe, do other things.

We thoroughly enjoyed our 10+ years working with clients in the US, the UK, and New Zealand on a wide range of interesting projects for business, government, and educational organizations.

We have also greatly appreciated the help of our Second Life research panel members and other research participants who made our work possible.

We will be keeping a watching brief on developments in virtual worlds, social media, research, and analytics, and hope to cross paths with many of you again in the future.

If you need to get in touch with us for any reason, you can do so at

Market Truths is committed to providing you with valid, reliable, and actionable information so that you can make sound decisions.

We provide state of the art market research and analysis for organizations of all sizes.

  • We do custom projects to meet client needs rather than imposing a “one size fits all” solution.
  • We have the skills to ensure that the information collected is valid, reliable, and produces actionable recommendations.
  • We use sophisticated qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques, enabling us to uncover insights that other research providers might miss.
  • We have the expertise to ensure that data mining, Web surveys, and other technology-intensive projects run smoothly.

Recommended Reading

Book cover

Bayesian Statistics and MarketingExt

by Peter E. Rossi, et al.

Provides a description of Bayesian methods from a marketing perspective; very timely given the growing use of these techniques.

More books …

Virtual Worlds

Market Truths is in Second Life We have special expertise in researching within and about virtual worlds such as Second Life. We can help you determine whether your target market is present in a given virtual world, monitor attitudes of virtual world participants toward your brand, investigate how participants in virtual worlds want to interact with your brand, or see how participants react to your virtual world presence or an event you hold in a virtual world.

Web Surveys

Do you need to do an online survey? Web surveys are one of our specialties.

We offer full service surveys in which we design your survey for you, implement and host it on the Web, collect and analyze your data, and provide a report of the results. We can conduct your survey in languages other than English.

We also offer survey support if you have the time and expertise to do some of the survey yourself but want some extra help reviewing the survey prior to you implementing it or analyzing the results once you’ve collected your data.

Pricing Research

How much are customers willing to pay for a new product or the addition of a new attribute to an existing product? Will lowering the price of a product generate enough additional sales to compensate for the reduced revenue for each unit sold? We can help you get the answers to questions like these using survey-based techniques such as conjoint or by designing and analyzing pricing experiments for you.

Other project types …